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Hello Everyone, I’m back with my next review and here’s where it gets personal on my behalf. Thank you in advance for reading.

Well here’s a little bit about me that I’ve never really disclosed about myself on my blog or Instagram before because I’ve never been one to put my life story or anything on social media platform either my blog or personal accounts. I’m one for keeping myself to myself but when by pure surprise I was approached by this next company after entering an online competition on my personal account and after I shared my personal story as it related to their products a lovely woman from the company named Sarah asked me to review their products which was very kind of the whole company.

Here’s a bit about my story I will keep it short and then I will tell you about how I relate to their products – Hello I’m iFashionPR and I am twenty two years old and as you all now know and I am disabled which I know you will all be shocked to read, it’s coming up five years in January to the day my whole life changed over night in 2013 four months before I was turning eighteen…I became ill whilst studying in college and doing my driving lessons (I can’t go into fully publicly what happened as it is still raw for me and much more but if you want to DM feel free and I can tell you a bit more) which then lead into my organs, brain and nerves being attacked and shutting down leaving me paralysed from the waist down overnight but they weren’t the only symptoms I was left with I was left with many more too many to list haha we would be here all night and I said I would keep this short…I’m trying guys I’m trying.

Now as anyone who is disabled knows waiting around for disabled products can be a WAIT….and I mean a wait at eighteen I should have been picking colours of cars and what university I was going and where I was going to be going travelling in the next year or so….BUT no I was eighteen being measured for a wheelchair and living in and out of hospitals and being tossed around neurologists and consultants and being told my whole life had now become a life of adapting and being dependent on people..which was one of the hardest things to adapt to was going from working three jobs being an independent seventeen year old to a fully dependent on two adults (my mum and sister) eighteen year old.

Another thing that got me about becoming disabled at such a young age was the state of disabled products…I mean I have to admit it took me eight months to get a wheelchair as you have to go on a waiting list on the NHS(but there were others problems again I can’t go into publicly, feel free to DM me) but really it didn’t bother me as I was literally bed bound for the first year and half from my release from hospital as my body had took such a beating but still my mum was the best she went out and bought me a mobility scooter now I mean eighteen and I didn’t want to be seen on what us as kids called ‘granny scooters’ come on we all know someone who calls them this. From then on I was offered little bits of mobility bits AND every bit was horrible coloured and dull and I’m not even ashamed to admit it..UGLY.

NOW here comes my collaboration with this amazing company – Blue Badge Co.

Another thing I also love about this company is the fact that over 40% of the Blue Badge Co team are disabled or primary carers SO they know exactly what and how we feel about the mobility products that are on offer now.

This company is the home of vibrant and stylish lifestyle products with all kinds of designs ranging from trendy display wallets, pill organisers with covers, radar keys, personalised lap trays, and much much more to suit your style…now as a young person who is disabled this has to be one of my fave companies I have come across – the products are eye catching, vibrant and don’t make me feel glum about buying mobility products..I will be linking the website below for sure and also the Christmas gift guide is up so get the perfect gift for your loved one.

Now the lovely team over at Blue Badge Co were generous enough to send me products over to review, they even gave me the choice to pick my own and I’m a sucker for matchy matchy aha…and let me tell you as hard as it was to pick I went with two pieces from ‘The Stellar’ Range. I picked this Range as it reminded me of shooting stars and it was very pretty.

The first piece I picked was the Stellar Mini Hot Water Bottle WHICH come on was the perfect choice in my opinion especially now as we hit this cold bitter weather and as someone who also suffers with chronic illness it’s the perfect companion for pain. This hot water bottle was perfect no leaks..PHEW. I find EVERY other mini i’ve the lids are always faulty haha but this one wasn’t. WIN. it’s definitely going in my hospital bag for my next hospital trip. If you want to get your hands on one I will direct link below and for you lucky lot it is in the sale as we speak. £14.40

The next item I picked was the Stellar Weekly Pill Box again I picked this design because I’m a sucker for matchy matchy and it reminded me of shooting stars I’ve got to say this is one of my fave designs from the Blue Badge Co. The pill box came in very handy as someone who suffers with many health conditions and has to take many medications who wouldn’t need a stylish pill box…I’ve had many of the years but they’ve always been clumpy or the opening has been tough now as stupid as that sounds to anyone try having severe tremors holding a pill box with a really awkward opening yes you get me…tablets everywhere. Now this one from Blue Badge Co is very easy to use and very easy to open and also come with the days of the week on so you won’t get mixed up..SO thank you guys and again for anyone after one stylish pill box this one is also on sale I will link below. £7.60

I hope you have enjoyed reading and please feel free to DM if you want to talk more.

iFashionPR xo

Below I will post the links to both my social media’s and Blue Badge Co.



Hey Everyone,

I’m back and this next post is about the team over at Just Bee drinks, A Manchester based company bringing you light, fresh infused with real fruits and a single drop of honey fresh spring water.

So the lovely people over at Just Bee were kind enough to send me a few samples of these delicious cartons of water over for me to try.

First up on the tasting session which was done with my little sis was the Apple and Ginger now here’s the thing I have always been apprehensive about ginger because from the ages of 7+ I’ve spent a lot of time drinking a ginger based medicine so that’s why…but I’m always willing to give it the benefit of the doubt…and let me tell you I was surprised I loved it in fact I loved it that much I polished the lot of myself where as I thought I would give that carton to my sister. It was fresh and zingy and I hate to admit it made me want more which I think even my sister was shocked. So this was definitely a thumbs up for me.

Next up was Blueberry now I’m not usually a fan of blueberry drinks as I find them heavy even infused water that is blueberry flavoured I find it heavy I don’t know if that just me or what but to my surprise again even though I still felt that heaviness I still liked it but wasn’t a massive fan of it I was hoping I could taste the honey s tiny bit more but again that might just of been my tastebuds.

Here’s some of the flavours below 👇🏾

Next up was the Lemon and Green Tea WHICH was definitely my favourite I’m always drinking lemon and green tea as I call this my weekly detox – I can’t stop raving about this flavour I think my family are sick of me going on about it. I always find with Lemon and GreeN Tea you feel clean and detoxified from all the rubbish you’ve eaten through the week again this could just be me.

Stay posted for my next post, it gets personal but I hope you like it.

iFashionPR xo

Get your hands on yours here and try these tasty drinks NOW

Or head over to instagram and follow them at ‘Justbeedrinks’



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Okay my fellow fashionista’s I’m back..I know..I know it’s been a while but I am back with a product that is all about giving you energy which with my absent few months is PERFECT🙋🏽

The guys over at Yin and Yang Energy were kind enough to send me their product. The product is enriched with ginseng green tea and alpha gpc.

After receiving the product through the post I was automatically drawn to the packaging with a white and mint green colour theme and a cute little panda on the front this then made me want to taste the drink even more and see what all the hype was about.

After seeing the packaging on the outside I wanted to see if the packaging on the inside matched up and GUESS WHAT it didn’t disappoint I’m a sucker for packaging looking pretty…if it’s pretty I will buy it. The design team for Yin & Yang Energy seriously have a good eye for high quality packaging. They also have a good eye for advertising as the box pops up for the Panda’s head to be the main attraction to draw in the customers.

Now for the actually product. The 2 fl. oz. bottle is packed with all things healthy as this is a dietary supplement the recommended dosage is half a bottle for moderate effect and a full bottle for maximum effect of giving you a full healthy natural  boost. Now to what the product contains this little bottle is packed with green tea, ginseng and alpha gpc which delivers all the benefits of a normal energy drink or energy supplement WITHOUT..YES WITHOUT  the side effects.

Now onto the taste of the product the guys over at Yin and Yang sent me a tropical nine pack which is the only flavour they do at the moment.

I will admit I’m not the biggest fan of tropical flavoured products so when it arrived and I read tropical I was dubious to try the product. Upon opening I seen it was bright tropical colour so it lived up to my colour expectation of the product inside. 

Now on to tasting the product…I wasn’t a massive fan but not everyone has the same palate as me and will have different opinions so if your a fan of tropical flavours this product is definitely for you, it also has sour tang to it  so again if this floats your taste buds then this is definitely a product for you.

If you want to try this product for yourself and get your hands on some Yin and Yang merchandise head over to

You can also head over to their  Instagram which is  –

Thanks for taking the time to read my post 

iFashionPR xo

All Juiced Out🍋

So I started my JuiceToU three day detox on Wednesday and I can honestly say I’ve never felt refreshed. 

You start with the 9AM juice which is called the ‘Clean Green’ this consists of Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Apples and Limes and I must say as this is one of my favourite juice combinations this definitely tasted up to expectation.

Then at 12pm it was time for the ‘Let’s Glow’ juice which consisted of Oranges, Apples, Kiwi, Grapes and Strawberries again this tasted delicious and I genuinely felt a difference to my digestive system as this juice is to cleanse your digestive system and radiant skin and I also felt a difference to my skin. It was ‘Glowing’ but that could of just been me.

Then again at 3PM it was time for my second ‘Clean Green’ juice which I genuinely love that there is two of this one in the day as it is my fave. Two of these lets your body received more nutrients than most people get in a week. So people you know you need this and as a person who suffers with illness and struggles to receive nutrients this was perfect.

Then it was time for my 6pm ‘Berry Good’ juice this consisted of Pineapple, Blueberries, Strawberries, Apples and Raspberries which again tasted delicious as this one is bursting with the antioxidants yours body needs this and it also helps keep your cardiovascular system in shape.

I will admit I’ve done a few detoxes and could never stick to them and never rated there quality or taste. BUT this one I stuck to and the taste and quality was brilliant.

My overall opinion on the JuiceToU is that it’s totally worth it, it’s delicious, it’s keeps you healthy and with the vibrant colours it’s definitely eye catching.

To buy this product head over to @Juicetou or 😋

Shake it off, Shake it off.

 So here it is my review on the amazing Promixx. I don’t even know where to start from the bright outstanding packaging to the motor on the bottom.
So let’s begin…it was that time I started a meal plan and WHY not use my Promixx. I’ll admit I’ve used so many other brands of mixers and blenders BUT hands down this is the best. 

The box contains your Promixx with the motor/blender already attached to the cup it also comes with and extra lid and nutri pod which FYI best place to store your powder. Also in the box is a usb charger which you connect to the motor/blender. It’s that simple.
With such a simple and clear design this nifty little gadget is hands down the best thing ever. YOU all need to head over to @Promixxmixer over on Twitter and purchase one. They also offer in all kinds of colours.

So have no more lumps from hand blending of juicing and get your hands on the best juicing gadget around.
Thanks for reading blend blend blend.
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All Things Silver.💍

  Okay so guys this is my first blog and today I will be talking all things ring bling. 

So this simple little number will make your outfit. I got this over at Daniel (@JewelleryWeb ) YOU guys need to head over and check all things bling out.

The ring is a perfect fit. As we all know trouble with ring sizing can be a nightmare. As my ring size measures a size ‘S’ it fits perfectly and sits comfortable on my hand. 

I love the unique design and think it would look very nice with any outfit. Casual or Going out.

This piece is one all your friends will be asking ‘oh where did you get that from’ and ‘Oh that’s so pretty’.

As someone who is obsessed with the arrow design this would look perfect with the arrow necklace that Daniel (@JewelleryWeb) also sells.

To get your hands on this little beauty head over to and also follow Daniel over at Twitter – @JewelleryWeb 💍.