So here it is my review on the amazing Promixx. I don’t even know where to start from the bright outstanding packaging to the motor on the bottom.
So let’s begin…it was that time I started a meal plan and WHY not use my Promixx. I’ll admit I’ve used so many other brands of mixers and blenders BUT hands down this is the best. 

The box contains your Promixx with the motor/blender already attached to the cup it also comes with and extra lid and nutri pod which FYI best place to store your powder. Also in the box is a usb charger which you connect to the motor/blender. It’s that simple.
With such a simple and clear design this nifty little gadget is hands down the best thing ever. YOU all need to head over to @Promixxmixer over on Twitter and purchase one. They also offer in all kinds of colours.

So have no more lumps from hand blending of juicing and get your hands on the best juicing gadget around.
Thanks for reading blend blend blend.
To get your hands on the latest gadget for the perfect shakes head over to Twitter and follow @Promixxmixer